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Best Of 2009: Music

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I did this last year and I got all motivated to do it again this year but then I got bored making a list and lost all my momentum. List making is god damned hard. You have to think… and like, remember stuff… and try to sound smart… shit.

In no particular order:

Animal Collective. These guys finally quit dicking around and put out an album that you can just put on an sit down and enjoy instead of having to work so hard not to hate every 4th song. To put it more politely, these guys finally showed their maturity as truly great musicians with an album that looks like they are having a whole lot of fun playing music.

St. Vencent. Aside from being pretty damn attractive and always coming off as a genuinely happy person (the later being a prerequisite for being a part of The Polyphonic Spree?), her music is coming into its own with this full length album. She’s going to stop being compared to other artists and will soon have people saying that newcomers have that St Vincent sound.

Andrew Bird. Anyone less charming and talented could probably come off as a real prick making music as challenging as Bird. I haven’t listened to this year’s album as much as previous ones but I got the same feeling of enjoyment out of knowing that I am just too dumb to really appreciate the music to its full capacity. But I’m okay with that. I just like hearing it and with Andrew Bird, that’s more than enough. I you watch one video from this post, make it this one (even though, fuck you pitchfork tv, half of the close ups are straight into a glaring backlight). Plus I just love that he performs in stripey socks.

Metric. I’ll enjoy anything Emily Haynes does. She could put out an album of Sheryl Crow covers and I’d buy that. Actually that’s not a half bad idea…

Phoenix. This being on here is pretty fucking redundant. It is the most universally acclaimed album of the year. It just goes without saying. But you know what, they put out an album that was pop formulaic and easily accessible and really damn good. The fact that I listened to it for the first time and felt like the album had not only been a favorite for my entire lifetime but a staple in the cultural lexicon is quite a feat. For once, the radio, the critics, and the fans can all agree, this shit is good.

Wilco. Combine Wilco with Feist and then punch yourself right in the pants to make sure you’re not dreaming. Jeff Tweedy is not who I would call a particularly good looking dood. Maybe goofy even. But who cares when you craft beautiful album after beautiful album out of the ether on your way to becoming one of the best living songwriters. Oh and Feist, aside from having a perfect voice, you’re clearly the pretty one in the video. Or any video for that matter.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Aside from taking the title for most emo sounding band name that I’ll ever listen to, they also put out a just plain good first album this year. They are great people too. I got to meet them at a show in Colorado and they were pretty swell folks. One pretended to be a dinosaur for a photo of mine. Anyways, mix some of that new wave revival stuff in with some surf rock drums and you got yourself some fun music.

Lucero. I was skeptical as hell when the Overton sampler came out. But dammit, how can I ever hate anything these guys do? So what if it’s got horns and crap in it. They are trying new things. It’s not like their entire catalog has to be about hating yourself and drinking your shit into oblivion. Though that brand of the band is still my favorite stuff. Whatever, I’m just happy these guys are making it work and having some fun and are happy.I don’t know what the hell is up with this video but it’s got my favorite song off the new album going on so whatever (big surprise, the one about heartbreak and feeling like shit).

Neko Case. I forgot this came out this year. Neko Case is another amazing woman who can do no wrong in my books. Hell, she could put out an album of the same Sheryl Crow covers as Emily Haynes and I’d buy that too. Also not a half bad idea. Listen to those words and listen to that booming voice. Jeebus, she’s good.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. So maybe they were a couple years late to the electro-pop dancey sound but they did it right at least and better late than never. That and they played one of the best performances that I have ever seen this year at Monolith, completely redeeming them from the abysmal crap-show that happened at the Fillmore a few years earlier.

Camera Obscura. I will probably always like this band. They are so darn humble and adorable and make such swell tunes. This video is one of the only music videos that I can think of that has taken me back to what it felt like to be a kid watching MTV (back when they had music on their channel) and watching the same video all summer in the early to mid 90’s. That ending look is so bitter that I had to rewatch the entire video and rethink my perceptions of the song.

Matt and Kim. They have moved beyond that novelty of “Hey, I’m Matt and this is Kim and we’re playing songs!!!” and have made an album that’s somehow more infectious, modifying their model to be “Hey, I’m Matt and this is Kim and we’re having so much fun that you can’t help but join!!!” and I think that’s a pretty cool next step for the band.

Okay. That’s all the good music there ever was this year, just keeeding. But really if, you think otherwise, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for what I missed out on all year.



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December 31, 2009 at 3:58 am

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Good search.

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Check out this search phrase that directed some one to read this silly little blog: “im a guy and peeing blood is that good

I guess that, having been there myself, when you’re pissing blood, you don’t give a fuck about punctuation or grammar.

What scares me a little is that this person bothered to google that punctuation-less question. The obvious answer is no. The obvious thing to do is call your doctor immediately or take your blood peeing self to a damn hospital.

But you know what makes me a real weirdo? The fact that I really want to google that set of words myself just to see if any websites turn up that will tell you Yes.

Yes, it is good that you’re a guy and peeing blood. That is good.


Look at those colors. Does it just turn your brain into a pile of melty, sweet, sweet cheese?

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December 31, 2009 at 12:15 am

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Uh-Yes, please.

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So when I heard there was really a movie coming out called Snakes On A Plane, I almost shit my pants. Then I saw the trailer and swore to myself that I would never see that movie. Not because I wasn’t excited for it. Actually quite the opposite. I was too excited for it. No Snakes On A Plane¬†film that could ever show up on the screen would be as amazing(ly bad) as the Snakes On A Plane that can, and does, play in my head.

So when I heard there was really a movie coming out called Hot Tub Time Machine, I almost shit my pants again. Then I saw this red-band trailer for it and I swore to myself that I would see it opening day.

That cast in a movie with that dumb of a premise but being a very much intentional comedy? Uh-yes, please.


Anyone know if this is real? Gawd, I hope so. Tights as pants is a trend I’d like to see go the way of the buffalo. Which is to say bison.

Which is to say that you don’t see them everywhere anymore, mostly just as tourist attractions or dead and ground up for sale at new wave grocery stores as an alternative to beef.

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December 29, 2009 at 4:30 pm

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Your Music Is Full Of Troof.

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What your favorite indie band says about you.

That seems pretty accurate to me. I particularly enjoy the ones regarding She and Him and Bon Iver.

I’m also pee-pants excited to see St. Vincent in about 6 weeks in Denver.

In bike news, does anyone outside my circle of friends typically own close to a thousand dollars in pedals on their stable of bikes? I find that to be probably one of the most excessive of all our excesses.


What if your favorite pop music is Lady Gaga?

Here’s the video for you culturally stifled types:

Basically the coolest costume get ups since Kylie Minogue’s Fever album videos (though those did probably have much better dance sequences).

Whatever haters. I feel you judging me. Don’t think I can’t feel those cold stares. I’ll judge you right back.

Let’s hate on something together instead. It just occurred to me how hilarious it would be to have Bad Romance going with a karaoke bar full of asians. Picture that.

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December 27, 2009 at 2:14 am

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Mountain Biking 2010.

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In the year 2010:

-New blood will win worlds, though this may not mean young blood. Perhaps a Kovarik or a Rennie will bear the rainbow stripes. Or perhaps a Fairclough or Neethling. This is mostly just hope, not so much a prediction based on how chicken bones fell in a bowl of sheep’s blood.

-Videos will more commonly be ripped and posted online only straining the already fracturing mountain bike video media. People will complain of a lack of quality videos only to turn around and be the kind of cowards that post links to ripped versions of the few remaining projects that they enjoy, realizing the folly of their ways too late to get Alex Rankin back from motorsports.

-The escalation of ripping videos online will lead a few bold souls in charge of marketing to dip more than just a lonely toe into the waters of online video marketing. These few brave companies will realize the value of creating an early and strong online video presence and will see long term rewards from putting their marketing dollars into free online video projects.

-The Hate Crew (cool people know who these hard workers are) will continue to take the only consistently interesting photos from the world cup circuit. Occasionally some socially retarded photographer or some very nice photographer working for an unfortunate company on otherwise really cool shoots will take some interesting, motion-blurry race photos (probably at sea otter), but for the most part everyone outside the Hate Crew will play it safe, shooting for their inflated list of clients (many of which purchased one photo, but hey, they paid for something really late from you so why not add it to your list of clients), staffed by creative directors who direct but certainly not creatively, looking for bland shots that will fit a variety of catalog layouts. The once edgy companies’ edge will dull and the cycle of taste will wane away from them. Companies that will take risks will pay (unfortunately, little) to the Hate Crew for their progressive and inventive photography such as photos shot from the perspective only attained by those above 4’11” tall or not from the exact same spot set up as the previous 5 years.

-Print magazines will continue to struggle but will miraculously survive the 2010 print run. Page counts will be down and the amount of risk taking creative writing content will dwindle. The pot-stirring, occasionally controversial writing will migrate to online media outlets that are at once more interactive, and more ready to adapt to the ever changing marketplace while simultaneously providing a medium that incorporates reader feedback on the issues.

-Forum dorks will continue to know jack-shit about suspension despite knowing all the detailed numbers and specs. An important first step will be taken in 2010 to fix this problem in which many forum-dorks will admit they have a problem and do not know really where to begin with the 13 settings their fancy pants new shock has. A few people who really put in the time and effort to understand suspension will rise to the top and begin the long process of bringing the light to the people in 2010.

-Race entry fees will go up again this year and racer entry numbers will go down again this year. You can’t blame the economy alone for this any more. Poor business practices and a resistance to changing ways that worked in the past will be the true reason for falling attendance at races across the board this year. The beginning of change is coming this year however when a few independently run race events held through out the country will pop up and fill the void left by the now hollowing shells of the series in the good old days. These new races will be run on the format of having fun and rebuilding community within mountain bike racing. Word will spread that these races are the place to be and no one will miss title sponsors, big prize purses, fancy pants award medals, or the “prestige” of being involved with an organization that, let’s just say, rhymes with Boo Essay Psych Cling.

-I will visit Ridemonkey maybe two or three times. Like an abusive relationship, I will leave again each time swearing that I’ll never come back and that no matter how much change was promised, it was not delivered.

-Momentum will gain on the idea of buying more durable goods in downhill bikes. The nerds who will pay outrageous top dollar for super light weight stuff that explodes after a single impact will be marginalized by the nerds who will  pay outrageous top dollar for parts that employ well thought out design features and are built to last for years as well as being backed by community driven companies that support their products with generous warranties.

-No one will read The New Boredom in 2010.


I love it when uptight stiffs get a good dose of dissssss.

I also love that the presumably homosexual man with the diss-sign attacked her via a catty jab at her fashion choices.

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December 26, 2009 at 6:17 pm

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I am not sure who hasn’t seen this yet but it’s worth another watch anyways…

God dammit those muppets are awesome.


Hate crime kittehs.

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December 26, 2009 at 5:20 am

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Happy Days.

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Enjoy yourselves out there everyone. It’s a nice time of year to be driven bat shit crazy by your families.

Enjoy these annual photo round ups from

Part one.

Part two.

Part three.


Image of the year for me maybe?

Maybe it’s more timeless than just this year.

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December 25, 2009 at 5:19 pm

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