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No scientist knows what this means: in the year 2009, The New Boredom recieved over 26,000 unique visits.

However, every scientist holds the following to be fact:

-I do not know that many people well enough to have them read the stupid junk I write seemingly every day.

-I have not met that many cumulative people in my 24 some odd years of life, nor have I observed that many people in existence either through television or pictures of big cities.

-I have never worked for the Shinehart Family Toddler Coffin Co. as an internal sales rep for the finest toddler sized coffins since 1978 as some social networks would have you believe.

-I never finished a single coloring book in my life and this does not make me unique in any way.

-Babies poop a lot.

-Up! is the only Disney movie that has ever made me cry (at 23 years of age, yeah, so? What of it? I also wept at the fucking sunrise yesterday. This birth control is really hormone-y).


Sergio Layos has unbelievable tables like I have unbelievable gas after eating Taco Bell.

Which is to say all the time.


Written by photokevo

January 7, 2010 at 12:01 am

Posted in General Vagaries

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