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The good news is…

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I don’t have cervical cancer! Hey, that’s swell.

When I went to a new doctor today (the first time I’ve been to a regular doctor since it was to see a pediatrician), I was handed a bunch of pamphlets on general health issues. It seemed like one of each that they had. I flipped through them and read a few as I was waiting to be seen by the doc. I was handed an interesting one called “The Pap Smear: And My Cervix” and I read it and reaffirmed my suspicion that I don’t really need one of those procedures and that my man-cervix seems to be doing just fine in its non-existence. When the doctor came in to check over me, she explained some stuff about their practice and asked if I had any questions. “Why yes I do. Am I correct in my assumption that My Cervix is probably doing alright?,” I asked as I held up that pamphlet. Her face flushed red and said, “Yeah, you’re probably doing alright there, did they give you that in the waiting room?” … “Yeah”… “Well. Hmmm. I read that you’re coughing a lot?”

And so went the rest of the exam. And then later x-rays of my chest would show that I do not have pneumonia or a cervix. So that’s good news- neither of those things that should not be present in my body showed up on my death-scan-pictures. I’ll live to die from some other ailment I suppose!


Sometimes I miss Space Ghost CTC but I think if I watched them again now, I’d still just be sitting there thinking, “I’m never going to get high enough to understand this humor.”

And that’s probably a good thing for me.


Written by photokevo

January 26, 2010 at 6:20 am

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