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Oh wow. Woo. Ick.

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This afternoon I was sitting in a chair at a local barber shop and just getting myself a little trim so that I don’t look like quite such a hobo. There was another guy in the seat next to me, maybe a few years younger seemingly doing the same thing (though he needed more than a haircut, perhaps one of those tv show makeovers would be a good start). His haircut wraps up and when the guy cutting his hair takes off the little cape dealie that keeps all the hair clippings off your clothes, a big waft of rancid egg fart smell blasts everyone in the face.

We all kind of make the same “Oh jesus…” face and we all see each other make it. But you know, social contract and all, no one says anything. Nothing. The air just hangs thick with horrible, stinky silence. Nothing like “Oh wow. Woo. Ick. Hey kid, don’t take a dump in the barber’s chair, please.” This jerk just gets away with the perfect crime and goes about his day.


Don’t know anything about it other than the fact that I like it a whoe helluvalot.


Written by photokevo

February 3, 2010 at 4:12 am

Posted in I Hate You

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