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BMX Dump. 2.18.10

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So that whole thing where I have been really sick since the first week of January (mid-November maybe), well that’s made me lose about 15 pounds or so. Which would sound awesome if it were 15 pounds of fat but sadly it’s whatever fitness I had built up in the last couple months of 2009 by diligently sitting my ass down on the bike trainer and doing things (more) right for once. But either way, I fit into my “skinny jeans” (yeah, some straight guys have those too) now and have been wearing them for two weeks straight. And it’s starting to have an impact on how many bmx videos I’m watching every day. Which is to say, a lot.

Here’s a small sample of some that I watched just today and said ohwaowie!

Karl Poynter, one guy that can do sliders without looking like a real prick.

James Cox who may have the most dialed barspins around (though I don’t know, Darryl Tocco is a stout contender).

And this dude who I have never heard of has instantly won a place in my bmx-heart (located near the boner-bone) with such timeless favorite moves as: thd-thd-thd-thd-thd manual down stairs, half cab up to manual, wall ride to fakie manual (sans-free-coaster, ie, regular hub, aka cost-coaster)

Okay, see ya later fatties.


When Charlotte Gainsbourg plays the drums, you listen. You listen or you get a giant sharpening stone bolted to your leg.


Written by photokevo

February 18, 2010 at 2:25 am

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