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Story Time: In Which Language Confuses Me.

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So I used to go to lunch with my dad and his friends all the time when I was little. This one time we were coming back from lunch and I looked over at this other place that had big bright window paint advertising that they had a buffet special for like 5.99. I was just starting to read so I must have been like 5 years old I guess. I said something like, “Look dad, they have a buff-et for 6 dollars” and everyone in the car laughed at me because apparently it’s cute when little kids are idiots. My dad got done laughing and said, “That says ‘boofay’, not buffet. It’s French so you say it boofay.” Okay, lesson learned.

Maybe a couple weeks later we are out to lunch again, probably with some of the same people that were present for the boofay/buff-et lesson. “Margarittaville” comes on the radio at the place we’re eating and as per usual, I asked my dad who was on the radio. He said, “Son, this is Jimmy Buff-et.” And I sat there confused as hell for a few seconds before saying, “Don’t you mean Jimmy Boofay?”

Everyone laughs at me again because kids are stupid.


Gaga book pro.


Written by photokevo

February 28, 2010 at 5:14 pm

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