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Green Pea-ness

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So I used to love watching The Critic when I was a kid but I was way too young to get most of the jokes on it. I hope to catch up on the series now that I am a fully growed up big kid and have one of those fancy “film degrees” and all. Anyways, there are lines from the show that I still say all the time all these years later.

And no one gets them. And I just look like a weirdo every time I say them.

This is one example that I still say every time I ever see peas, frozen or otherwise:

Full of country goodness and green pea-ness. Oh Orsen Wells. You started as Citizen Kane and ended as Unicron, the planet sized Transformer.


And here are some Wondermark! comics because it’s been a while since I’ve shared any around here.

And by the way, I’m off the facebooks. If you want to be friends, you’re going to have to be old fashioned friends with me. Sorry for the dreadful inconvenience.


These damn interblag comics are hilarious to me.


Written by photokevo

March 28, 2010 at 12:01 am

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