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Photo Dump: 5.14.10

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Time to catch up with the photos.

Wentz can carve Saturn out of an avocado. But I’m affraid he doesn’t have shit on this, one of my top five favorite space photos. This is the back of Saturn looking towards the sun…

Penny farthing race, I’d say “to the death” but that’s redundant. You know all penny farthing races are to the death by default.

Science.Nature gave us mustaches, then science kept them dry.

“Dear Jerk City. Thanks for the fucking parking ticket. Here is a check with the memo line that says “for bullshit” on it.”

What were people thinking?

Bathin’ the old snake… lol.

Not sure but this looks like Peter Hutton, one of my film heroes.

Okay, go away and do something nice for yourself this weekend.


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May 14, 2010 at 12:01 am

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