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Yeah, Another BMX Post.

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Okay, this isn’t meant to turn into a BMX blog but just one more for now, I promise. I’ve always held Kevin Porter in pretty high regard. And even though I am normally an old curmudgeon that completely thinks things were better back when candy bars cost a nickle, I don’t mind the whole Tierra revolution because bikes look better these days overall.

So this new Empire web edit came up along with an interview on The Come Up from Kevin Porter. Not only is the web edit one of the best I’ve seen in a year, it’s probably the best conducted interview that I’ve seen on TCU yet.

And here’s the interview, pretty insightful stuff in there compared to most interviews.


Speaking of “everything was better when shit was worse”… here’s how they did the titles for the introductions to Schmar Schwars. Animated, one frame at a time on these big stands. And that old pain in the ass method makes better looking titles to me than any damn after effects sequence ever will.


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June 27, 2010 at 1:20 am

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JamesB, Graduate of TrialsU

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This kid is a goofy Canadian named James Barton. He used to ride trials and he killed it there. He progressed realy fast and qualified for finals at UCI worlds and I think maybe even podiumed? I’m not sure. He at least qualified well enough to scare some of the euros. I saw a few old edits of him riding bmx and he was already showign signs of future shredderness. This just popped up on my radar and I’m glad to see that he is still riding and looks happy. You can still see some of his trials influence and I think that does him well. It’s just enough to seperate him from the hordes of trend riders out there putting out identicle edits. Good one, James.

Kid is one of the most naturally talented and hardest working bike riders I’ve ever met. Whatever bike he touches, he’s going to be good with it.

Edit- This Dave Thompson dude is insane.


Does anyone else miss KG Jr?

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June 19, 2010 at 12:01 am

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Less Junk, More G-Turns.

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This dude named Scootie does g-turns like a real G.

Okay BMX, you got a mission, more of this!

I’m fresh out of ideas to write about and besides, the tips of my left fingers are all raw from the 30 seconds of playing guitar today. I haven’t done that since I beefed it a few weeks ago.


What time is it when you see this thing near your bus?


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June 18, 2010 at 12:01 am

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Yay, More Sophia.

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Haters Gunna Hate.

There seems to be two camps when it comes to Sofia Coppola’s films. You either love them for their beautiful imagery, heavy emphasis on melancholic mood, and excellent, excellent pop song soundtracks or you hate them because “nothing happens” and you find them “boring” because your film genitals only get arroused by “explosions” and “face punching.” Either way, that’s fine. People are allowed to have opinions, even if they are wrong. Another Fanning turning in a likely charming performance isn’t so bad for the world. And good thing Sofia and that dude from Phoenix are making babies because you know the soundtrack will be just swell. Oh and Stephen Dorff seems to be fitting this roll like a glove. He might be a rich ass that I can’t relate to in any way, but I hated that anus Jeremy Piven first, so whatever.


Ed T and a Sony VX… oh the good old days.

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June 17, 2010 at 12:01 am

Story Time: In Which I Buy Trash Bags

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I’m walking around Target at 9:15 tonight to buy trash bags because there aren’t any left in the house (but, oddly, the fucking empty box from the last batch of trash bags is still sitting in the cabinet under the sink). They just redesigned the layout in the store because they wanted to add more fresh groceries so I’m confused as hell as to where the damn trash bags might be. As I’m narrowing down my search and standing at the end of an isle wondering where else they might be, some damn Asian kid test riding a bike in the store comes around the corner and plows into me. He falls over and starts crying and his parents run around the corner and find him on the ground bawling and me standing there looking all pissed off. They don’t seem to know who to be mad at because I do look like the kind of asshole that might just knock a 6 year old off their bike for fun. Something between 5 seconds and 5 minutes passes, I’m not sure as the whole scene was so awkward that I lost all sense of time. A handful of other customers are now gathered around the scene. I decide to get back to finding trash bags and say, “Nice parenting” and walk away.

Turns out they moved the trash bags over by the tupperware and plastic forks.


First he bent your forks and spoons, then he bent your minds. Now Uri will bend your ass if you don’t obey.

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June 16, 2010 at 4:07 am

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It’s been rainy and chilly outside all weekend and it’s making me want to move to the pacific northwest.

I might be off the bike for the summer anyways, we’ll see.

Here’s what Demolition calls the coolest kid’s playground in the world. And that is correct.



Calm down out there.

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June 13, 2010 at 11:55 pm

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“Why do you like music?”

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This one time some one asked me, “Why do you like music?” and at the time I thought it was a stupid question and gave it a stupid reply like, “Because it helps me shake my money maker.” But then I thought about that question again recently and it really confused the hell out of me. Maybe it’s the hemorrhage in my brain. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought the question was actually pretty significant. It’s a huge question. It’s not the boring small talk of “What music do you like?” or the slightly more interesting “What music do you hate?” but is a much more slippery existential question about how you may define yourself through your taste. And this struck me as important because, at my most modest, I’d like to think that I have sort of okay taste in music.

But how do you measure having good taste in music? Is your ipod just loaded up with any shit that gets over an 8.5 on Pitchfork? It has to be more than that. I’d like to think I now have good taste because there are scars left in my cd case landscape (or hard drive, whatever) from the removal of embarrassing artists that have provided a relative perspective to compare old and new. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I came to conclude that these removed acts were embarrassing anyway and why I’d have thought they were not only important enough to buy initially (anyone can take bad advice or make mistakes at the store, after all), but important enough to me to keep around until well past their expiration date in my life. If I could figure out why I toss out stuff I finally conclude is garbage then maybe I’d understand why I like music, or at least I’d awkwardly address the issue of why I don’t like some music.

At some point in middle school. I started listening to MXPX, arguably the least preachy Christian punk band to ever reach prominence (so un-preachy in fact that I never knew they were “Christians” until 2006 a full four or five years after I last gave a shit about them as a band). I was entering that prime teen angst age and I was sad that I had missed out on being angsty while the radio played Nirvana and the better Soundgarden albums. As late as I was to hit angsty-time, the radio was a watered down sea-scape of pop-punk with some okay stuff like Green Day but mostly candy ass fluff like New Found Glory. Anyways, for some reason, I found MXPX and thought they were somehow a better example of angst that what was on the radio. And this is basically true though I’d have been better off with some Fugazi and At The Drive-In (I didn’t know this at the time). The only reason I liked MXPX as long as I did in high school was because the only other student out of the 3000+ in school with me that even knew who they existed as a band was the guy finger-blasting the girl who I thought I loved and would someday marry. So I clung to them as a go-to punk band for years and that was basically my level of music appreciation for several years: “The guy hookin’ it with the girl you have a stupid crush on has heard of a band I’ve got three cd’s from, thus they must be good.”

Then something happened and I probably heard something like Modest Mouse’s Breakthrough and my world changed, and I totally grew up in 4 minutes and 7 seconds or something. It seemed like instantaneously I was being swept away by a tidal wave of Sparklehorse, Built To Spill, The Decemberists, Death From Above 1979, Trail of Dead, Air, Elliott Smith, Wilco, Broken Social Scene, Spoon, Ugly Cassanova, The Black Keys, The Strokes, and Beck’s Sea Change.

As it turns out I would later see MXPX-Aware-Guy’s now ex-girlfriend on the street many years after high school ended and we would barely acknowledge the other person’s presence, passing on the chance to reconnect in favor of barely noticeable head nods, both so minuscule they would be dismissed by the other as an adjustment to the low afternoon sun. I currently acknowledge another MXPX fan in much the same way these days.

It would be nice to think that I have good taste these days but I still have guilty pleasures. So I still have some bad taste. But at least I don’t keep liking bad music for the same reasons as I did in high school. There was really no good reason for me to listen to System Of A Down for two years after I knew deep down that I was sick of their schtick. There is, however, a good reason to give Grizzly Bear a 6 month chance and then dismiss them: they are fucking boring. I still don’t have a good reason for why I like music but at least I have a better grasp on why I hate some of it.

And I have made no existential progress.


Worst rant ever…

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June 9, 2010 at 10:08 pm

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