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So you leave the weboblogersphere for like 12 days and then tabs start piling up and you end up with like 300 pages of tumblr dashboard to catch up on and you end up getting other important shit done with your life. Weird how that always happens.

So what have you missed because I haven’t been keeping up the whole blogger/pretend-reader relationship?

This Strut That Ass remix.

This nifty thing about missing cosmonauts (which I always thought was a cooler word that astronaut).

This thing about stereotyping you based on your “favorite author” which for most people is like they read one of their books once and liked it because they finished the whole thing.

This video of Tina Fey doing a bank commercial in the mid-90s.

This thing about how you should get off the internet.

This thing about how Mutiny’s Let’s Get Mystical is now all online for free.

And this Charlie Rose interview with one of my favorite photographers- Richard Avedon.

And here’s a picture of David, whose films I think are swell.


Written by photokevo

August 15, 2010 at 11:35 pm

Posted in General Vagaries

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