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Sometimes, you just work too hard and you put in all kinds of unpaid overtime and you stress yourself out about stuff that really shouldn’t matter that much to you and then you get promoted and you get a raise and then you buy a dozen more guitars.

And then sometimes you just have to vandalize some magazine covers. Here’s the Salt cover with old whatsherface that we ruined over the summer. Some of the good ones got taken before I snapped photos of them. Oh well, here’s what was left with their respective titles:

Intrigued, go on.

Satisfied with the booty take.

Laser vision and no pants.

Ziggy TaxPayerDollarDust.

After-birth Of A Nation.

Witchyface Peesofshit.

That lady from The Knife/Fever Ray just trying to be weird.

The Old Switcharoo.

Yeah. Those kinds of things keep me sane at the office.


If this were a vee instead of this crew, I’d buy 50.


Written by photokevo

September 25, 2010 at 4:45 pm

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