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It’s good to take some pictures again. About 9 months ago I sold off all of my digital cameras except for the point and shoot. I was just sick of digital photography and kind of with photography in general. My plan was to shoot a bunch of film and get back into it the way I really remember loving it. But I found out that it’s not that I have to shoot on film to enjoy things (though I do feel like I have more integrity shooting film). It turns out, I just enjoy being out in the world with my friends having fun beside them and capturing a little slice of that joy to look at later.

MT in the Aspen, Colorado area recently:

Of course it doesn’t hurt to do the post work while listening to this as loud as I can:

Doesn’t hurt one bit.


Faces of the last season of Oprah… what a great idea for a blog.Push pause when people are freaking out on Oprah and their faces are awkward as hell. Yes.


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October 3, 2010 at 4:24 pm

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