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Phone Archives- Moz Edition.

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So this future phone that I have, that actually does a pretty poor job of being a phone, allows me to take all kinds of notes with it in some kind of “note pad ap” which I often use to jot down reminders to learn more about music that I overhear that I like and want to hear more of later, or to make notes in arguments with friends when we play the game “The Smiths Or Morrissey?” which can often get pretty heated. I also use it to keep track of funny things that I may some day enjoy revisiting.

So today, I’m reading the AV Club’s list of 15 anti-Morrissey songs which naturally has to include Denver’s Warlock Pinchers and their song “Morrissey Rides A Cockhorse.” And I think about how I like The Smiths, and I like Johnny Marr, and how really, everyone kind of likes The Smiths, or at least likes to pretend they hate them.  Meanwhile,  I was note-pad-ap-ing the phrase that brought great joy this weekend (“So, I took that log in the goggles”), when I found an old one from Interbike last year.

Spoons and I had spent like 12 hours in the car and we’re at a gas station and he asks me “Is that The Smiths?” and I say, “No man… that’s the beep that tells you that your door is open.”

But then I realized it did, to our road-weary ears, sound kind of like The Smiths.


I think they just saw everything Mike Meyers has done since 2001.


Written by photokevo

October 5, 2010 at 4:24 am

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