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First off, I should never have put up that story about the time when I had kidney stones. I get a dozen search referrals a week around here for things about “peeing blood” and while it’s usually funny, it is occasionally creepy. Take today’s search term referral: “peeing blood vedio” … some one out there wants to see “vedio” of some one else peeing blood. Yuck, world. Shame on you.

In less disgusting news, Erik Elstran reigns supreme as the king of goofy and amazing in BMX.


So there ya go, right back to the pointless.


“The theme of the early Mountain Dew ads is that it was the juice that kept rascally hill folk perked up enough to go prospect, slaughter pigs, and toil in the hills of destitute poverty. Other tag line: “It’ll tickle your innards!””


Written by photokevo

October 13, 2010 at 11:18 pm

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