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The Worst Kind Of Scum!

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Soap scum?


The worst kind of scum is people, I tell you what. And not to get all Andy Rooney on you here, but god damn kids these days are the worst type of metaphorical scum there is. I’ll tell you why, oh I’ll tell you indeed.

I go into the bathroom the other day and walk up to the urinal and what the fuck is that?! Oh. It’s nothing, just a palm sized loogie summoned up from deep within some stoner’s clogged lungs. No, not in the urinal. These kids these days, remember, are the scum of the world; nay, the loogie-gigantis is spat on the urinal, on top of the fixture designed to be pissed in.

And don’t correct my grammar in the middle of a rant. I know that ended with a preposition. If you’re all not going to differentiate between further and farther any more then I’m going to go ahead and say “pissed in” to end a sentence.

So there I am. It’s too late to stop and switch to another urinal. I just have to stand there until business hours are over and just stare at this abnormally large loogie as it just sits there 3 feet away from my face, just trying not to think about how disgustingly close it is to other important parts of my body- like the thorax.

The literal scum from the metaphorical scum pretty much dashed my hopes that we will ever solve a single earthly problem as a species.


It’s going to be Halloween soon. Gets your vermin offspring rounded up and make them adorable for one time this year.


Written by photokevo

October 20, 2010 at 12:03 am

Posted in I Hate You

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