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Sweet Reminiscing.

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Just learned the hell out of this song on the old git-tar.

Memory lane there on that song lately.

And then I got totally fuh-reaked out by Kennedy.

I remember watching that MTV clip back in like 1994 and wondering who the hell Quintin Tarintino was. I was 8 years old that summer and I watched Pulp Fiction on what may well have been illegal cable at an auto-shop all day for weeks trying to figure out why everyone wouldn’t stop talking about that movie. I didn’t understand non-linear narrative at the time. I mean I understood that “this is now” and that “once upon a time” you could wiggle-fade into some memory, but Pulp Fiction was not that clear cut to me so putting together what events happen in what order despite their jumbled screen sequence by linking together the clues from mis-en-scene  was hard. It took me probably 35 viewings that summer to understand it all. Plus I was fucking 8 years old… I didn’t understand why Uma Thurman was overdosing on heroin or why any adults in the area were letting me watch this movie with a porn dungeon in the basement of a pawn shop.

No wonder I grew up so weird.


Just chillin at the damn APE BEACH… what are you up to?


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November 6, 2010 at 3:59 am

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