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I’m getting old. I know this this week because I can’t wait to go to bed early.

In other news, I’ve assembled a fairly flexible Top 50 list of my favorite songs. It started out as 146 of my favorite songs and then I narrowed down which was ridiculously hard once I got to about 53. What’s been extra super fucking awesome is learning to play about 13 of them on my pile of guitars. I can’t really play them like songs but I can make similar noises to what the song actually is.

This bmx video is great, if for no other reason than the videographer’s description:

Autumn is here, it’s already becoming too cold to ride outside and what was the best summer of my life now seems like years ago.

I spent almost every penny I earned this year on a trip somewhere, from driving down the country to meet up with friends, to hopping on a plane to ride a contest.

People argue that I have ‘nothing to show’ from the money I spent, but this video is priceless to me and I’ll have these memories forever, I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s to be seen in this world, but even limiting myself to what I could afford at the time was so much fun!

Let’s see, what else? I had a very predictable conversation the other day at work about Michael Cera.


And now that it’s cold, I’d really like it if my lady would hurry up and invent an actual jacuzzi suit for us to lounge around in. (preposition at the end of the sentence, deal with it.)

Okay, it’s bed time.



Written by photokevo

November 13, 2010 at 3:32 am

Posted in General Vagaries

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