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My Favorite Things: The First Guitar I Put Together.

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Oprah’s got her favorite things but, ya know, she’s going away soon so in her place, I’m stepping in to dish out what I consider great things. I’m doing this right after Thanksgiving due to the conflicting messages we get about this time of year. One day, the message is “be thankful for what you’ve got” and then literally the next day, the message is “YOU NEED TO BUY MORE SHIT.”

Anyway, my favorite thing for today is this here git-tar that I put together over this last summer. You can find more like it from and build your own if you like it. It took me all summer of drilling holes in the wrong places and re-glue-ing things and having to switch out various parts for better fitting things, and then by the end, I couldn’t make it work because I couldn’t figure out the wiring. I ended up taking it to Tim at Front Porch Lutherie to get the wiring and finishing touches done to it. The thing sounds good to me and it’s been fun as hell to have around. And yeah, I like Jack White and I like his guitar. But I don’t like spending three grand on a real 60’s Airline Resoglas guitar. This one works alright in place of a “real” one. Plus this one has been messed up by me and only me.

And maybe some day I’ll make sounds come out of it that are not horrible and offensive?



This is from old Kenny Anger because my lady digs his stuff the most.


Written by photokevo

November 28, 2010 at 5:18 am

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