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My Favorite Things: My His/Hers Matching Guitars.

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This was kind of intentional all along but I never said so because I thought it might make me seem creepy. But I wanted to get matching his/hers guitars for my lady and me. I ended up finding the “hers” a lot earlier than the “his.”

The hers is a 1983 Fender Strat, made in Japan. I had the damnedest time finding this one because I wanted it to have a rosewood fretboard and the skunktail running up the back of the neck and it had to be in the candy apple red. I lost out of a few auctions that had 2 of the 3 requirements and was pretty bummed about it. Then as I was bumming really hard about it one night this thing showed up for sale and I pounced.

The matching mate didn’t show up for about 7 more months mostly because I figured if the right one showed up for the hers, then the right one would for the his too, I’d just have to wait.

The his is an ’85 Fender Tele, also made in Japan. My lady likes a lot harder and faster music than I do so she gets the punk Strat with the tricked out tremolo set up. I’m a much more folky-twangy-douche bag though so I get the Tele and basically never have it on the neck pick up.

Some day if we ever end up with kids (good lord, not any time soon) these will get handed off to them, beat up and waiting for another generation.


I bet that fat shit is…


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November 30, 2010 at 12:01 am

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