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Lots Of Space

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Turns out space is huge and really damn interesting.

Take for example this calculator that will show you how many communicating civilizations there are in your galaxy according to the Drake equation. See? Crazy interesting.

You need more proof? We just saw the new farthest and oldest thing in the universe to us. And from a handful of pixels, some smart people figured out it’s a little mini-galaxy of blue stars that came to be about 440 million years after the big bang.

So that’s pretty neat, huh?

And if you’re not into science because you’re either too square or not square enough (either way, I hope you’re happy being a turd), then here’s one of those lists that tells you about your life situation based on your favorite “indie” bands. That list mostly proved to me how un-hip I am these days. I don’t know who half of those probably crappy acts are.


That moment when you’re reading a book and you read a sentence that contains the title of the book.


Written by photokevo

February 5, 2011 at 6:01 pm

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