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Listening to NPR makes me feel like a real live grown-up. Especially when I hear things on it like this story about how vinyl is made. And then I go home and listen to a bunch of records and act all snobby towards the damn kid walking by on the sidewalk by telling him to get a haircut because no one likes a Bieber.

I generally don’t give two shits about The Atlantic but then this little ditty they have about the history of fuzz in rock music was pretty sweet. That last song sample using the thumb piano thing was pretty great.

And in another non sequitur, here is a list of inventors who were killed by their own inventions which is probably the coolest way to go out ever. Offed by your own making.


Hive me me once, shame on me. Hive five my skin right off, shame on you.



Written by photokevo

March 12, 2011 at 12:01 am

Posted in General Vagaries

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