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B-Cards Suck.

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I just went to go do another business card because you know, I’ve handed out about 6 of the last 500 I printed 5 years ago. So I’m due.

If I try to design my own, it makes me feel like a failure.

If I look at template ones, I end up coming across stuff like this with a crunchy camera jockey that has his hasselblad on a nice tripod and a matching d-bag pony tail.

Maybe I should just go with the opposite approach and make the shittiest card that I possibly can. Maybe I’ll draw it with crayons and have some backwards R letters in there. And when some one says “this looks like a retarded toddler designed this,” then I’ll say, “My son drew that up for me and I thought it was sweet of him but I’m glad to know what you think of my family now.”

And then I’ll never get work again.


Just washing the old rib cage.


Written by photokevo

March 13, 2011 at 5:28 am

Posted in General Vagaries

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