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Signs I’m Aging: The Worm.

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Remember when Dennis Rodman was just a really good forward and not just an insane person that married himself while stealing all of your boards?

Yeah, well most of the people I work around every day don’t even remember a time when Dennis Rodman was an insane person, never mind the prime worm-days where his hair was normal.

This news made me feel old.

Also it made me realize that I don’t know who plays basketball anymore. No clue. I doubt I could name 6 NBA stars these days.


I reckon those old Rodman days were about the same time as this song:


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April 25, 2011 at 12:01 am

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Say No To BC.

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So you’ve grown up and gone away to college? You’re really striking out on your own without any parents or rules or anyone telling you what to do- that’s great. Well, shut up.

One criteria for being your own adult is that you can get dressed in the morning. And if you’re not physically able to do this due to some kind of injury or being “differently-abled,” which is a weener way of saying handicapped, then you should at least know how to get dressed.

For many people that I see walking around my campus of employment, this means they are still children. One thing says this above almost all others: your butt-crack. If I see your butt-crack, then you’re not done getting dressed, but you left the house anyways, which means you do not know how to dress yourself, which means you’re a child.

Minus 5 respect points if your uninvited butt-crack shows up to my eyes-party. Minus 50 respect points if that happens more than once.


I’ve heard that animation is complete on Chapter Three and shooting will start soon. Giddy.

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April 23, 2011 at 12:01 am

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Recovery From The Road.

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So Vegas sucked. But no surprise there. Vegas always sucks.  NAB was mostly boring and I didn’t even splurge on much good food, and when I did it came in the form of PF Changs. And that can hardly be called “splurge” when the table sitting next to you in being occupied by three giant Amurricans that all looked like Larry the Cable Guy and they were being hit on by a nearby table of women whose aging was being accelerated by the ill choice of drinking half their daily calories in cocktails. But it beats sitting in the office!

And at least it did allow me to finally discover what will undoubtedly be my favorite show for the next several months (possibly lifetimes)- Adventure Time.

I watched a couple episodes and have been watching a few with my lady since I got back. I treasure my AT-time with my girlfriend.

In other, more stupid news, I dressed pretty casual today since it was (god damned snowing) on my bike ride to work. By this I mean tee and hoodie casual. And I felt like a chump. In the wise words of Tracy Jordan:

At least I’d be murdered in a tee shirt for a band that I really enjoy… Back to dressing classier tomorrow. I’ve also made myself a promise to have my head-suit tailored tomorrow. I’ll be damned if I don’t get that done. But I’ve also made myself a much larger promise to never-ever live in a town whose primary reason for existing is to re-fill people’s gas-tanks on the way to something that might actually matter. I’m all for small-town-America but that’s about five notches bigger than being Pit Stopville. Note to self: Never live there.


Much JD was in the air at 80 mph last week.

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April 21, 2011 at 3:38 am

NAB Show, Failed Dreams.

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I’m in Las Vegas right now and anyone who knows anything about me knows that this is my hell. Las Vegas is the long skidmark on this country’s underpants and wholly embodies why the terrorists hate us (and why they probably should at least be pretty annoyed with us).

The show is mostly absurd shit like this steady cam that controls a segway, while some guy taking time off from the dildery can show you how his invention can make your movie suck a bigger pile of ass for the low, low price of your soul and a hundred grand.

Hey, entire NAB show! None of these gimmicks are going to tell better stories. How about next year, you come up with an industry-wide solution to shitty ideas for bad movies… then we can worry about motorized, motion controlled, dolly mounted, jibs and gyro stabilized dildo-copters.
Also, some one please let crooked-face magee know that he dropped his ear-ring and that it will be in the convention center’s parking lot lost and found corner waiting for him.


This place stinks. Literally. When you go outside between 10am and 10pm, you are greeted with a hairdryer full of farts in your face. Locals call it the whispering gamble winds.


This would be such an epic picture of the Black Keys if only you could swap that camera-man for the drummer Patrick.

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April 13, 2011 at 12:29 am

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Overheard: Trip To China

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I was walking around getting lunch or something the other day when I walk past a conversation that I didn’t understand. This guy said, “Yeah but it’s a paid trip to China and two trips to Indiana and Rhode Island. Who wouldn’t take that opportunity?”

And I thought maybe he meant China and India… but that Rhode Island thing was no mistake. I definitely heard Rhode Island. So what opportunity is this foolish friend thinking of passing up? If it meant you had to take a couple trips to some relatively bland states, which I’m sure have their own idiosyncratic charms like bridges and stuff, just to take a trip to China, I’d say yeah, tough it out for the China Trip. But that wasn’t how this guy was selling it. It was like Indiana, Rhode Island, China- all great places for travel!


This came with the following: “I can’t stop saying this. I keep trying to fit it into every day conversation.”

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April 5, 2011 at 12:01 am

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Finally: San Francisco.

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My lady and I finally made it to SF. We managed to go during the worst forecast possible of rain followed by buckets more of rain. Lucky us though, we only had one morning of that and then the gods smiled down upon us with plenty of sunshine. It was a real swell time and I enjoyed the hell right out of the whole experience. If there were a job that required that I just go on vacations with my girl, I’d be set for life.

SF Aqua tank:



SF  wall paint:


SF rush hour:


Prettiest lady in SF for those 6 days:


Still waiting for a couple rolls of black and white to develop from the hipster-cams but I will maybe post those in a month.


Glen will be in town this May. I might just have to go see how his pecks are holding up.

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April 4, 2011 at 12:25 am

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