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NAB Show, Failed Dreams.

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I’m in Las Vegas right now and anyone who knows anything about me knows that this is my hell. Las Vegas is the long skidmark on this country’s underpants and wholly embodies why the terrorists hate us (and why they probably should at least be pretty annoyed with us).

The show is mostly absurd shit like this steady cam that controls a segway, while some guy taking time off from the dildery can show you how his invention can make your movie suck a bigger pile of ass for the low, low price of your soul and a hundred grand.

Hey, entire NAB show! None of these gimmicks are going to tell better stories. How about next year, you come up with an industry-wide solution to shitty ideas for bad movies… then we can worry about motorized, motion controlled, dolly mounted, jibs and gyro stabilized dildo-copters.
Also, some one please let crooked-face magee know that he dropped his ear-ring and that it will be in the convention center’s parking lot lost and found corner waiting for him.


This place stinks. Literally. When you go outside between 10am and 10pm, you are greeted with a hairdryer full of farts in your face. Locals call it the whispering gamble winds.


This would be such an epic picture of the Black Keys if only you could swap that camera-man for the drummer Patrick.


Written by photokevo

April 13, 2011 at 12:29 am

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