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Say No To BC.

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So you’ve grown up and gone away to college? You’re really striking out on your own without any parents or rules or anyone telling you what to do- that’s great. Well, shut up.

One criteria for being your own adult is that you can get dressed in the morning. And if you’re not physically able to do this due to some kind of injury or being “differently-abled,” which is a weener way of saying handicapped, then you should at least know how to get dressed.

For many people that I see walking around my campus of employment, this means they are still children. One thing says this above almost all others: your butt-crack. If I see your butt-crack, then you’re not done getting dressed, but you left the house anyways, which means you do not know how to dress yourself, which means you’re a child.

Minus 5 respect points if your uninvited butt-crack shows up to my eyes-party. Minus 50 respect points if that happens more than once.


I’ve heard that animation is complete on Chapter Three and shooting will start soon. Giddy.


Written by photokevo

April 23, 2011 at 12:01 am

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