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Story Time: In Which The Stars Align

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If it were not for my friend Steve working most of his summer days in an excavator building mountain bike trails, we wouldn’t all make fun of him for having vestigial little tyrannosaurus-rex arms from sitting at those heavy machinery controls all day.

And if Steve didn’t move to my place for a few months that off season, we never would have hosted a T-Rex party in his honor.

And if that party hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have had a reason to play every Marc Bolan/T-Rex song that I have at a party. And if it were not for Marc Bolan and glam rock and T-Rex the band, my lady probably would have never been interested in attending that party.

And even though she had to miss that particular festivity, she was at least interested in me for being a weirdo, and explaining that this T-rex party was about cooking a huge plate of bacon to consume all night as we tied down our arms down to our torsos with belts, and struggle to eat the bacon, and get boozed up while T-Rex was singing about being a “jeepster” for your love (whatever the hell a jeppster is).
So in a weird way, I have Marc Bolan, my friend Steve, and bacon to thank for starting my relationship.


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Written by photokevo

September 9, 2011 at 12:01 am

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