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Story Time: I Was Kind Of Famous Once.

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Back before I became the boss at work, I had this pretty cool boss named Clint. He used to have to buy super8 cameras on ebay all the time (which I now do). This one kind of camera made by Minolta is a pretty popular one and occasionally one would show up in its original box. Well one day a box came in and he pulled it out and I said, “Whoa, that’s my grandpa and me!”… he disagreed and said I was full of it.

“No way, that’s totally my grandpa and me! Those cameras were in production up through my youth and my family was in tight with the Minolta marketing people back in Japan so my grandpa and I posed for this shot to be used as a box lid. All of this was sort of a claim to fame back in my youth and it’s actually a big reason that I ended up going to film school. Sort of felt like I had to live up to my destiny or something.”

And he ends up thinking it’s a pretty cool story.

All of this is, of course, bullshit. But he bought it for a little while.


Want this clock.


Written by photokevo

September 12, 2011 at 12:01 am

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