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Story Time: In Which There Is Entropy.

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The sooner I just accept that the universe simply won’t ever allow for a clean kitchen, the sooner I can go back to hating everything else instead.

Thermodynamics you callous sonuvabitch… with one hand you allow for the heat transfer that cooks my food… while the other hand sprinkles coffee burps, bread crumbs, dirty dishes, and cooking oil splashes across the entire room. As Bender put it, “Arrgh, the laws of science be a harsh mistress.”

In other news, I suspect that my roommate who, to protect his identity, shall be referred to as A Vidal… no wait, that’s too obvious- Alex V,  left a shit skid on the toilet seat yesterday right after I cleaned the bathroom. This, I promise, is not meant as a passive aggressive jerk-roommate note! I just know that people who know him (by “people” I mean possibly several, including Fill-ys Diller and TJ “other me“) will give him some grief about not being able to get all the poo in the toilet, despite being college educated.

(I know you’re going to be next door reading this so I hope you know I’m just razzing you in good nature)


Snake knows how to party…


Written by photokevo

September 13, 2011 at 2:46 am

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