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Story Time: In Which I Have Yet Another Million Dollar Idea

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It’s October again.

Every year, the seasonal Halloween costume stores go up around town selling various shitty costumes. The entire women’s section in a college town is comprised of “sexy” whatevers like sexy-cop, sexy-construction-worker, sexy-native-american, sexy-cowgirl, sexy-sailor… I think just sexy-Village-People in general. Anyways. these floozies buy these garbage costumes and then traipse around town like the gutter sleeping, night walkers that they are, and by the end of their binge, the costume is just a shred of the scraps it was in the first place. But why not just get right down to the point and be honest:

I think it’s a hit.



Written by photokevo

October 2, 2011 at 2:39 am

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