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How Did This Happen?

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I ended up in some sort of bottomless pit of 1990s female pop videos last night on the tubes. It took the better part of an hour to escape but here are some highlights (or lowlights depending on your optimism).

(remember Freddie Prinzzzze Junior?)

But luckily it all came around when the related videos finished with Mazzy Star, including Tarentino being freaked out, as we all were, by Kennedy.



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February 20, 2012 at 12:01 am

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Croatia 2002

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I got this amazing opportunity to go to Croatia back in 2002 to ride trials with some fellow Ammurricans and zee Germans. It was a ridiculously cool experience and it certainly changed my life in the sense that it took me out of my white-bread high school surroundings and showed me that the real world is out there. Also that people out there have real problems like “A decade ago, my house was blown up during a bloody civil war but now we’ve rebuilt and kept moving forward” instead of “Whaaa, my dad made me pay for my own haircut last week!”

The hotel where we stayed was called Stella Mare and it was great. Teo was the guy who owned it and he and his family ran the place and cooked amazing fresh food for us and just generally made sure we felt welcome and right at home. He was such a great and caring person and I miss the place. He’s the smooth headed fellow on the right.



He arranged for me to be set up for an interview with the Croatian news after we did a big trials demo in the town square in Jelsa.

I got to spend some time with some good people from back home like Ryder Okumura and Tony “Hella” Fernandez.


And certain got my ass handed to me by plenty of German riders.

And got to know a few of them like Maurice and Felix (not pictured as he was paradoxically too smooth for light to reflect off of him).

I’ll go back someday, maybe to retire.


Probably won’t be retiring any time soon though thanks to this stupid BFA I have…

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February 19, 2012 at 6:28 am


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I went away. But now I’m back.

Speaking of backs: I got a hole cut into mine and had a couple kidney stones removed from my thorax the other week. One of them was about the size of a jolly rancher according to the doctor. They sent it off to a lab to be cut up and analyzed so I don’t even think they will let me have it back to make a sweet necklace from it or anything. So that’s why I’ve been addicted to pain killers lately and just generally not being a productive member of society. On the plus side, now I might be able to go for a jog without shaking a sharp chunk of rock inside my sweet tender little kidney so much that I bleed a bunch on my insides for several days.

In other news, I made a bike video a while ago but never really bothered to post it for a month. Then I forgot I had this blog thing and am posting it here now very late. Mark over at Clean posted it a while ago and is the main reason the video even has any traffic at all.

And that’s just about all my news. My lady is out of town for work and I’m pretty bored (plus hooked on pain pills).


Next ten years should be interesting.

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February 18, 2012 at 6:28 am