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Deal Breakers: These Are My 5 Favorite Songs.

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If you hate any number of these songs then we will have a daunting mountain to overcome on the long trek to friendship.

Number 1- The Black Keys “Meet Me In The City”

This cover comes from 2006’s Chulahoma EP composed of 6 great Junior Kimbrough songs filtered through The Black Keys. When this song hit my ears back in May of that year, I knew this song would always be by my side. I’ve gone back and forth as to whether it’s a happy song or a sad one and I am currently resting on the chickenshit conclusion that it is bittersweet after all. I must have listened to this song well over a thousand times in the last 3.5 years. I never get tired of it. I always want to listen to it one more time. I love it.

Number 2- Modest Mouse “Trailer Trash”

I hear these doubled up mumbles in this song have had me wondering since first listen: did he just slur nothing or everything? Does it matter? This song sounds like a hopeless surrender to poverty and heartbreak that somehow makes that defeat seem triumphant. This is much less significant but Joe Cox rides to this in his part in Voices- one of the best parts and videos in bmx history.

Number 3- Modest Mouse “Polar Opposites”

This and Trailer Trash could be in any order here. I love them both. Listening to Lonesome Crowded West in high school was how I think it must have been to listen to The Smiths if you grew up in the 80’s. I would lay in bed for sleepless nights listening to this on my little discman (nostalgia?!) trying to take apart the lyrics and find out just why the hell it felt like these songs were written just for me. I never figured that out but these two songs in particular on that album are responsible for at least one worn out cd player in my younger days.

Number 4- Wilco “Ashes of American Flags”

Considering how many times I played Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in high school I think it’s amazing that it took me about 5 or 6 years to get another Wilco album. I just didn’t occur to me that I should get something else of theirs until late last year. This song gets me every time when those little bells ding and Jeff Tweedy says “speaking of tomorrow, how will it ever come?”… slays me every time.

Number 5- New Order “Ceremony”

So I like Joy Division but I’m sure glad that from that tragedy, something like New Order could come out of it all. And by this 1984 performance, they had made Ceremony truly something to celebrate. I remember hearing this song way early in my youth and having it pop up occasionally throughout my life. In the last couple of years it had been one of maybe a half dozen New Order songs on my ipod and within the last year it became one of the most played songs on that ipod. I had been sitting on it for a long time to use it in a bike video edit and finally pulled the trigger in the final video that I made for Yeti this last year. Evan Powell had won the junior class, Ross Milan had won the mountain cross with DZ right behind him, and Chris Boice won the race and the series overall. I was glad to see my friends do so well. Between that and knowing that I wouldn’t be doing any bike videos for a while seemed like as good a reason as there ever would be to bust out Ceremony.

Bonus- Lucero “I’ll Just Fall”

This is my go-to song for feeling like I just want to not exist. Which isn’t as often as it used to be. To capture that self torment in such an elegant and simple song is an accomplishment. But then to serve up such subtle reminders that this crushingly shitty feeling is temporary and you just need a few more minutes down here is great. And to not drag anyone else down with you like some sappy emo garbage but to just say that you’re not in anyone’s way being down is nice. MT put is pretty well when he said “sometimes you just need to feel like you should drink a gallon of whiskey and slit your wrists.” This is a good soundtrack for those days.

So… sorry if you don’t dig those because they are awesome. And if you agree then hey, that epic mountain climb to friendship is behind us.


One of my all time favorite Simpsons episodes, the Beer Barron, Rex Banner, banana-kaboom. Priceless.