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Story Time: In Which Love Is Unrequited

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There’s this relatively famous t-shirt design or something where this triangle hits on another one and most people look at that and they go “Ah shucks!” but I have always felt like something wouldn’t have gone right with those triangles.

Last night as I was dozing off to sleep, I realized exactly how this scenario would play out.

I think that you will find that to be most plausible. The acute triangle obviously has to be some popular cheerleader type girl, while the obtuse triangle is a pudgy, awkward nerd with a heart of gold, despite having been picked on for his entire life. This is something that no one at school has ever bothered to find out about about old obtusey because they focus on his poor complexion, the fact that he lacks a strong male figure in his life because he was raised by an overworked single mom, and his lack of athletic ability, explained by a flashback of him at the free-throw line with heavy sweat pouring from his brow, not from vigorous activity, but from pure nervous anxiety… he totally airballs the free throw and probably knocks over a lunch-lady carrying a big vat of gravy, and everyone laughs at him in malice except for a young representation of acute-triangle girl who is holding back her giggles just enough to show that she’s not trying to hurt his feelings. Years later, the pudgy nerd finally gets up the gumption to ask this acute triangle out on a date after getting a pep-talk from a traveling jazz musician one night at the county fair about how life’s for the living and grabbing the bull by the horns and so on (on a side note- it’s probably not wise to take life advice from a homeless guy that can play a trumpet really well despite missing several teeth- oh yeah, the “traveling” musician is missing a few teeth). But timing has never been the obstuse’s thing so he does the bold act right when this rigid, dumb jock of a right triangle boyfriend comes up and whisks her off to watch his football practice. Also,┬áin my imagination, the right-triangle has a a dad with a crew-cut and a drinking problem that is vaguely addressed but never really resolved.

(That’s a tear in the second frame, by the way. I just can’t draw very well.)


For the lady.


Written by photokevo

December 6, 2011 at 2:56 am