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Yeah, Another BMX Post.

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Okay, this isn’t meant to turn into a BMX blog but just one more for now, I promise. I’ve always held Kevin Porter in pretty high regard. And even though I am normally an old curmudgeon that completely thinks things were better back when candy bars cost a nickle, I don’t mind the whole Tierra revolution because bikes look better these days overall.

So this new Empire web edit came up along with an interview on The Come Up from Kevin Porter. Not only is the web edit one of the best I’ve seen in a year, it’s probably the best conducted interview that I’ve seen on TCU yet.

And here’s the interview, pretty insightful stuff in there compared to most interviews.


Speaking of “everything was better when shit was worse”… here’s how they did the titles for the introductions to Schmar Schwars. Animated, one frame at a time on these big stands. And that old pain in the ass method makes better looking titles to me than any damn after effects sequence ever will.


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June 27, 2010 at 1:20 am

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